Port Equipment

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Reach Stackers

A vehicle used for handling intermodal cargo containers in small terminals or medium-sized ports. Reach stackers are capable to transport a container short distances very quickly and pile them in various rows depending on its access.

Brands: Kalmar, Konecranes, Fantuzzi, Taylor, Terex (PPM), Ferrari, Linde, Liebher, and Hyster.
Engines: Cummins, Volvo Penta, Caterpillar, Scania
Transmissions: Dana Spicer, ZF

Container Handlers

Empty Container Handler (ECH) is a large forklift type that handle the storage of 20, 40 and 45 foot empty containers in the designated Empty Containers Yard.

Brands: Hyster, Taylor, Kalmar, Konecranes, Fantuzzi, Terex, Ferrari, and Linde.
Engines: Cummins, Volvo Penta, Scania
Transmissions: Dana, ZF


A powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. Forklifts could lift from 3,000 Lbs to Over 65,000 Lbs. We have parts for electric, diesel, and gas heavy duty forklifts.

Brands: Toyota, Hyster, Linde, Unicarrier (Nissan and TCM), Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich, and Hyundai.

Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) Crane

A rubber tyree gantry crane (RTG), also known as transtainer,) is a mobile gantry crane used in intermodal operations to ground or stack containers. Inbound containers are stored for future pickup by drayage trucks, and outbound are stored for future loading onto vessels. Used for automatized ports.

Brands: Kalmar, Terex, Konecrane, and ZPMC

Straddle Carrier

A term for a non road going vehicle for use in port terminals and intermodal yards that are used for stacking and moving ISO standard containers. Straddle Carriers pick up and carry containers while straddling their load and connecting to the top lifting points via a container spreader.

Brands: Kalmar, Terex, and Konecranes
Engines: Cummins, Volvo Penta, Caterpillar, Scania
Transmissions: Cerex


A device used for lifting containers and unitized cargo. The spreader used for containers has a locking mechanism at each corner that attaches the four corners of the container. A spreader can be used on a container crane, a straddle carrier and with any other machinery to lift containers.

The Spreader are used in the Reach Stacker, RTG, Straddler Carriers, Mobile Cranes and Gantry Cranes

Brands: Bromma, RAM, ELME, and Stinis